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Divorced and ready to date in Las Vegas? At Las Vegas Matchmakers, we understand that going through a divorce and re-entering the dating scene has its unique set of obstacles. Las Vegas Matchmakers is ready to help you with local offices in Las Vegas to serve you. Our matchmakers have years of experience helping divorced singles feel confident navigating their way through the dating process. They are available to offer continuous coaching, advice, and guidance to assist you reach your relationship goals.

Decades of Success

Our reputation for success is accredited to our team of professional matchmaking experts. In addition, our expansive marketing efforts have allowed us to assemble a diverse membership of quality, commitment-minded, local singles for you to meet. This combination ensures a successful dating experience.

Guaranteed Introductions

Let Las Vegas Matchmakers introduce you to off-line dating, where your profile is completely private and you don’t waste time sorting through fakes profiles and meeting dishonest people. No more sending emails back and forth with limited chances of ever meeting anyone. With our service you are guaranteed to meet other quality singles; no online service can guarantee that.

“I Wish I had Started Sooner!”

That is something we often hear from our clients, that they wished they had started working with Las Vegas Matchmakers sooner. Why wait? You will be surprised at just how easy it is to get started meeting the right kind of singles through Las Vegas Matchmakers. Register today for your free consultation, and see why so many divorced singles choose Las Vegas Matchmakers to find love again!

“Hi Jess,

When I signed up with your company I was excited but also skeptical. The skepticism took a back seat when Carolyn walked up to the restaurant on time with a smile that lit the area that surrounded her. Her obvious outer beauty was a good start to a wonderful night of conversation. Carolyn had broken a rib the Saturday prior to this and though she was in a bit of pain she still showed up where I think most would have rescheduled. She seemed very genuine and was involved in the conversation. As we spoke I found it hard to not look at her eyes as she did not shy away from eye contact. She has her life together and is a caring mother who is very involved with her kids. She is financially stable, in great shape, and so far, she is a lot like me where she can just go where the night takes us.

When we went out the second time, we had planned on dinner and a movie, but I hadn't made any movie plans yet (as I didn't want to put us on a schedule should we talk past a movie time). She is very open and honest. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about her.

In regards to my experience thus far with my matchmaker as I said I was skeptical; however, she was everything described to me and possibly more. You have all been very timely, professional and attentive.

At this time, I would like to put my account on hold so that I can really invest my time with Carolyn.

Thank you,